IAEA Report



Fukushima Daiichi Summary Table - Units 1-6 (20 March 2011, 21:00 UTC):

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  • Severe Condition
Unit 1 2 3 4 5 6
Power (MWe/th) 460/1380 784/2381 784/2381 784/2381 784/2381 1100/3293
Type of Reactor BWR-3 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-4 BWR-5
Status at Time of Event In service - auto shutdown following earthquake Shut down for outage before earthquake
Core and Fuel Damaged No fuel rods Cold shutdown
Containment Integrity No damage reported Damage suspected No information Outage configuration No damage expected
Off-site Power Substation connected Power center (in Unit) connected Not available Not available
Diesel Generators Not available Two emergency diesel generators powering Units 5 and 6
Building Severe damage Slight damage Severe damage No damage reported
Water Level in Reactor Pressure Vessel About half of fuel assembly (stable) Outage configuration Above fuel
Pressure of Reactor Pressure Vessel Stabilised Unreliable data Elevated Outage configuration Stabilised Stabilised
Containment Pressure Drywell Stable Stable Elevated Outage configuration No information
Water Injection to Reactor Pressure Vessel Sea water Sea water Sea water Outage configuration Freshwater injection in progress
Water Injection to Containment Vessel Not available Not necessary
Spent Fuel Pool Temperature No information Spraying from outside Spraying from outside Spraying from outside Cooling restored